It has been observed by a well known cosmetic surgeon that the ears are not structures that one admires for their beauty, rather they are most appreciated when they go unnoticed. For patients with the "bat ear" or "lop ear" deformity, this is nearly impossible.

Due to an abnormality in the ear cartilage (which tends to run in families), the ears protrude outward from the head. This draws the casual observer's attention toward the prominent ears, and away from viewing the natural beauty of the face.

Otoplasty is a cosmetic operation designed to decrease the prominence of the ears, while creating a natural and "non-operated" appearance. It can be performed on adults and children. Patients are usually discharged home the same day. If you feel you may have protruding ears, ask your physician if you are a candidate for otoplasty.

Pre- and Post-Op Photos of Otoplasty

  • otoplasty-1
  • otoplasty-2