For 2 weeks prior to surgery, and for 2 weeks after surgery, do not take any aspirin, aspirin-containing compounds, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (Advil, Ibuprofen, Naprosyn, Aleve, etc.). Also, discontinue all high dose vitamin supplements, homeopathic, or alternative medicines, such as Vitamin E, Gingko biloba, garlic, or ginseng. These supplements and medications can increase your risk of bleeding. Your surgeon may direct you differently.

General Pre-operative information for Adults
The day before surgery, do NOT eat any solid foods after MIDNIGHT, unless directed differently by your doctor. You may drink small amounts of clear liquids (water, apple juice, Gatorade, tea, coffee with NO CREAM OR MILK) 4 hours before surgery. NO LIQUIDS FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS PRIOR TO ANY SURGERY INVOLVING GENERAL ANESTHESIA OR INTRAVENOUS SEDATION.

General Pre-operative information for infants and children
Infants may be nursed up to 4 hours prior to surgery. Those taking formula must stop 6 hours prior to surgery.

Your insurance company will be contacted by our office for pre-certification for your surgery. This is NOT a guarantee of benefits.

Click here to review our surgical consent forms. These will provide you with valuable information about many of the surgical procedures we perform.