Suburban Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates is proud to offer comprehensive environmental allergy treatment. This includes a complete head and neck examination, fiberoptic telescopic examination of the nose, and allergy testing. We test for a number of common inhalant allergens including pollens for trees, grasses, and weeds; animal dander; dust mites; and molds.

When appropriate, allergic desensitization therapy may be utilized. The goal of allergic desensitization therapy (immunotherapy) is to help your body build immunity to the allergens you reacted strongly to on your allergy test. There are two forms of immunotherapy offered through our office. Traditional allergy shots are administered weekly, usually over a period of three to five years. Another alternative is sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). With SLIT, you will take three to six drops under the tongue each day at home. This form of immunotherapy will also usually take up to five years.

Although SLIT is not currently FDA approved, numerous studies have shown it to be an effective form of immunotherapy, and in fact it is the most commonly utilized form of immunotherapy in Europe. Many patients prefer this treatment over allergy shots because of its great convenience. Ask your doctor or allergy nurse which treatment would be most appropriate for your needs.

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Suburban ENT Allergy Staff Our allergy staff will perform your allergy testing. When necessary, they will administer your allergy shot or provide you with sublingual therapy. They are excellent resources who are equipped to answer most of your allergy questions, and serve as liaisons between you and your physician.